Thursday, November 20, 2008

Vintage Market Team Minutes

Vintage Market Team
A group of dedicated Vintage Sellers on Etsy

Newsletter No. 1, 19th. November 2008

Welcome to the first edition of The Vintage Market Team's Newsletter! I hope everyone is excited as I am about this venture - I have a tingly feeling that we're going to rock out....

The main purpose of this edition is to summarize last night's meeting for those who could not attend (or were too busy throwing tomatoes - you know who you are), and to outline some of our coming promotions. The minutes of the meeting are attached for everyone who would like to read them in full.

The Newsletter
It was decided that blythehopesvintage (me ♥) would send out the newslatters - so please add this address to your safe lists.

The Blog:

The blog is now live thanks to the lovely TheEclecticDiva and can be found at

It was decided that as well as featuring our shops, this blog should also be used as an education centre - so if you have a specialist subject, feel free to submit articles to TheEclecticDiva at this address:

Some examples that were suggested:

Tips for dating clothing
Vintage Jewelery
Hot Trends
Please attach images as .jpeg and try to use images from team members shops. Melindamilkshakes and acacheofjewels have volunteered to proofread for us - so feel free to convo them for help.

The Tag
Our team tag is now VMTeam - get tagging people.

Team Page

Our team page can be found here:
Here you will find a list of members and links to our blog.


It was decided (I think...) that until we get up and properly rocking we're going to have weekly meetings - The next meeting will be held in the labs at 8.30pm EST. daisytoad is going to contact the European members to find a time that works for them too.

Promo Threads

Two weekly promo threads will be started - one on Sunday which will be posted to all week, this will be started by buppins and will have VMT in the title. The other will be started by eclecticcurio on Fridays and will be a Vintage gift guide theme. Obviously feel free to start as many gift guide threads as you like - after all the holidays are coming and Vintage needs to raise its voice on Etsy.

Team Updates

Please check this thread as often as you can for updates to meeting times etc:

That's about all for now - see you all on Sunday :)


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Good-Grace said...

Thanks for the minutes. :) ...and for setting up this blog. I'm trying to update my tags - it looks like everyone's been doing a great job with it.